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Mark Meger Furniture Services
Refinishing, Antique Restoration, Repairs, On Site Repairs & Finishing
Stripping and Refinishing
A Facelift for Your Treasures

Trash or Treasure?
This library table was purchased by a customers grandparents in the early 1900s. They added the drop leaves, painted it gray and used it as a dining table, then as a work table.

I removed the drop leaves, reglued the seams in the bottom shelf, stripped, sanded, stained and finished the table to the color and sheen that was requested by the customer

New Life for an old Treasure
A solid walnut library table that will last many more generations
This table was done with Mohawk medium walnut stain and Sherwin Williams meduim rubbed, pre-catalized lacquer

I do quality refinishing using the best products available

I use Hood Finishing Products for my strippers and washes

They do not loosen the joint work of the furniture. They are safe for use on vineers and do little to raise the wood grain like some "hot tanks" will. When used and disposed of properly, these products are environmentally safe.

I use a number of different stains and glazes to create the look the customer desires These products include Hood Stains, Mohawk Finishing Products Stains, Sherwin Williams Stains, Campbell Stains and Old Masters Stains.
I use Sherwin Williams pre-catalyzed finishes for most residential furniture
They are a high solids,self sealing lacquer with exceptional adhesion that is durable and moisture resistant. They offer sheens from 'dead flat' to 'high gloss'.
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